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LB1332D датащит (Datasheet) 5 Page - Sanyo Semicon Device

№ деталь LB1332D
подробность  DC Fan Motor Drivers
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производитель  SANYO [Sanyo Semicon Device]
домашняя страница  http://www.ssdc-jp.com/eng/

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1 When a fan is rotating, the capacitor is charge at 2.8 µA (typ) and discharged through the C with pulses according to the
rotational speed.
2 When a fan is locked, no discharge occurs through the C and the C voltage rises, turning OFF the output at V
TH1 (0.7 ×
3 When the output is turned OFF, discharge occurs through the C at 0.38 µA (typ). If the lock is not released when the C
voltage drops to VTH2 (0.38 × VIN), the capacitor is charged to VTH1 again. (At this moment, the output is turned ON.)
These operations 2 and 3 repeated at a cycle of approximately tON :tOFF =1:7 protect a motor.
4 If the lock is released when the C voltage drops to V
TH2, the output is turned ON, starting rotation.
(5) Rotation detect signal (RD pin)
Open collector output (Drive mode: ‘‘L’’, Stop mode: ‘‘H’’)
(6) Radio noise reducing (B1 and B2 pins)
These are the base pins for Darlington connected output transistors. If radio noise is a problem, add a capacitor of
approximately 0.01 to 0.1 µF between B1 and B2, or 0.001 µF to 0.01 µF between OUT and B.
Block Diagram and Sample Application Circuit − 1
Control block
0.47 to 10µF
*1 Use (10,000 to 100,000 pF) if radio noise is a problem.
*2 Use a Zener diode or capacitor for output stage protection.
LB1662D, 1662M

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