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S-19214 датащит (PDF) 21 Page - ABLIC Inc.

№ деталь S-19214
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S-19214 Datasheet(HTML) 21 Page - ABLIC Inc.

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S-19214 Series
6. Overcurrent protection circuit
The S-19214 Series has a built-in overcurrent protection circuit to limit the overcurrent of the output transistor.
When the VOUT pin is shorted to the VSS pin, that is, at the time of the output short-circuit, the output current is
limited to 250 mA typ. due to the overcurrent protection circuit operation. The S-19214 Series restarts regulating
when the output transistor is released from the overcurrent status.
This overcurrent protection circuit does not work as for thermal protection. For example, when
the output transistor keeps the overcurrent status long at the time of output short-circuit or
due to other reasons, pay attention to the conditions of the input voltage and the load current
so as not to exceed the power dissipation.
7. Thermal shutdown circuit
The S-19214 Series has a built-in thermal shutdown circuit to limit overheating. When the junction temperature
increases to 170
°C typ., the thermal shutdown circuit becomes the detection status, and the regulating is stopped.
When the junction temperature decreases to 135
°C typ., the thermal shutdown circuit becomes the release status,
and the regulator is restarted.
If the thermal shutdown circuit becomes the detection status due to self-heating, the regulating is stopped and VOUT
decreases. For this reason, the self-heating is limited and the temperature of the IC decreases. The thermal
shutdown circuit becomes release status when the temperature of the IC decreases, and the regulating is restarted
thus the self-heating is generated again. Repeating this procedure makes the waveform of VOUT into a pulse-like
form. This phenomenon continues unless decreasing either or both of the input voltage and the output current in
order to reduce the internal power consumption, or decreasing the ambient temperature. Note that the product may
suffer physical damage such as deterioration if the above phenomenon occurs continuously.
If a large load current flows during the restart process of regulating after the thermal shutdown
circuit changes to the release status from the detection status, the thermal shutdown circuit
becomes the detection status again due to self-heating, and a problem may happen in the
restart of regulating. A large load current, for example, occurs when charging to the CL whose
capacitance is large.
Perform thorough evaluation including the temperature characteristics with an actual
application to select CL.
Table 13
Thermal Shutdown Circuit
VOUT Pin Voltage
Release: 135
°C typ.*1
Constant value*2
Detection: 170
°C typ.*1
Pulled down to VSS*3
*1. Junction temperature
*2. The constant value is output due to the regulating based on the set output voltage value.
*3. The VOUT pin voltage is pulled down to VSS due to the feedback resistors (Rs and Rf) and a load.
8. Inrush current limit circuit
The S-19214 Series has a built-in inrush current limit circuit to limit the inrush current generated at power-on or at
the time when the ON / OFF pin is set to ON. The inrush current is limited to 400 mA typ. immediately after
power-on or for the internally set, predetermined time of 100
μs min. from the time when ON / OFF pin is set to ON.

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