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GRM1885C2A5R3WA01 датащит (PDF) 22 Page - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

№ деталь GRM1885C2A5R3WA01
подробность  Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose
скачать  30 Pages
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производитель  MURATA1 [Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd]
домашняя страница  http://www.murata.com

GRM1885C2A5R3WA01 Datasheet(HTML) 22 Page - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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1. Under Operation of Equipment
 1-1. Do not touch a capacitor directly with bare hands during operation in order to avoid the danger of an electric shock.
1-2. Do not allow the terminals of a capacitor to come in contact with any conductive objects (short-circuit).
Do not expose a capacitor to a conductive liquid, inducing any acid or alkali solutions.
1-3. Confirm the environment in which the equipment will operate is under the specified conditions.
Do not use the equipment under the following environments.
(1) Being spattered with water or oil.
(2) Being exposed to direct sunlight.
(3) Being exposed to ozone, ultraviolet rays, or radiation.
(4) Being exposed to toxic gas (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, ammonia gas etc.)
(5) Any vibrations or mechanical shocks exceeding the specified limits.
(6) Moisture condensing environments.
1-4. Use damp proof countermeasures if using under any conditions that can cause condensation.
2. Others
2-1. In an Emergency
   (1) If the equipment should generate smoke, fire, or smell, immediately turn off or unplug the equipment.
If the equipment is not turned off or unplugged, the hazards may be worsened by supplying continuous power.
(2) In this type of situation, do not allow face and hands to come in contact with the capacitor or burns may be caused by the capacitor's high temperature.
2-2. Disposal of waste
When capacitors are disposed of, they must be burned or buried by an industrial waste vendor with the appropriate licenses.
2-3. Circuit Design
(1) Addition of Fail Safe Function
Capacitors that are cracked by dropping or bending of the board may cause deterioration of the insulation resistance, and result in a short.
If the circuit being used may cause an electrical shock, smoke or fire when a capacitor is shorted, be sure to install fail-safe functions, such as a fuse, to prevent secondary accidents.
(2) This series are not safety standard certified products.
2-4. Remarks
Failure to follow the cautions may result, worst case, in a short circuit and smoking when the product is used.
The above notices are for standard applications and conditions. Contact us when the products are used in special mounting conditions.
Select optimum conditions for operation as they determine the reliability of the product after assembly.
The data herein are given in typical values, not guaranteed ratings.

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